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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Trent University undergraduates can compete for Creery Prize


The Philosophy Department at Trent University is pleased to announce our annual competition for the James Creery Memorial Prize, established in memory of James Harold Creery, a Trent student of Philosophy in 1972-74.  The prize is awarded annually for the best philosophical essay written by an undergraduate at Trent.  We ask that the essays be submitted in electronic form by attachment as a .doc file.  Submissions should be sent to:

creeryprize [at] gmail [dot] com

The deadline for consideration of your submitted paper is May 11, 2014

FAQ: What's the minimum length? None! 
Maximum length? None!
Can this be a paper I submitted in a class in the past year? Yes! 
Am I allowed to revise it? YES, please. 
Could it be original work? Yes. 
Could it be from ten years ago? No, it's expected to be from the past year. 
What if I'm not a major in Philosophy? -- As long as you're an undergraduate, and the paper is philosophical, you're eligible! 
What if I'm not an undergraduate? -- Then you're not eligible. 
What if the paper's really not philosophical? -- Well, then it probably will not win.  You should submit a more appropriate paper.

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