The Kenneth Mark Drain Chair in Ethics at Trent University

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Monday, December 9, 2013

Get Science Right: Ptbo public library, Tues., Dec.10, 7 pm

See you at the Peterborough Public Library, where we'll be talking about Canada's future in science and research!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Chocolate, coffee, and Ten Thousand Villages

The 5th Annual Ten Thousand Villages Fair Trade Festival will be taking place in The Gathering Space on the 1st floor of the First People House of Learning/Gzowski College.
Friday Nov.15th and Saturday Nov.16th from 10-6. Parking is free on Saturday.
Friday Nov. 16th - Coffee and Chocolate Tasting and musical performances (Free) 6-7:30 pm, Seasoned Spoon, Champlain College, Hosted by Trent's Living and Learning Communities.
Ten Thousand Villages buys from more than 100 artisan groups from 35 countries for a fair wage.
We invite all staff, faculty, students and community members to come and buy fair trade, recycled, sustainable and organic products such as scarves, jewellery, coffee and tea, household items, CDs and much more. 10% of the proceeds will be donated to the Ellen Bentzen Memorial Scholarship Fund.
Hope you can come!

Monday, November 11, 2013

John Thorp at 7pm, reception at Seasoned Spoon following!

All are welcome at the reception following the talk at the Seasoned Spoon!  (The desserts and coffee are free, but buy your own drinks -- the bar is cash-only.)

2013 Kenneth Mark Drain Chair in Ethics Lecture

Monday, November 11, 2013
7:00 p.m.
Gzowksi College, room 115

Guest Speaker: Dr. John Thorp

"Ethics,Sex & Religion: a Tectonic Shift"
It is now a decade since the Ontario Court of Appeal ruled that equal marriage was a constitutional right, and so triggered a domino-fall of similar rulings across the country. Ten years on, I suggest that a much deeper change was happening in the public mind. Not just a change in our particular ethical values, but a change in our understanding of how those ethical values are to be grounded: the understanding of what ethics are. It was a tectonic shift, very destabilizing on the surface, very unsettling for many people. What was giving way was the confidence -- the unexamined presupposition -- that ethics had an ultimate anchor in religion. The debates about gay rights and gay marriage, for reasons that I will explain, delivered the death blow to that confidence. And, unanchored in religion, ethics seemed unanchored altogether, freefloating: we were adrift on an ocean of relativism. And that can look very scary indeed. This lecture explores the dynamics of this tectonic shift as it played out in Canada , and considers some of the questions to which it gives rise.
Dr. John Thorp earned his B.A. at Trent University in 1970. At Oxford University, he earned a B.Phil. in 1972 and a D.Phil. in 1976. He is currently a member of the Philosophy Department, Graduate Faculty in Classical Stuides an in Theology and the Rotman Institute of Philosophy at the University of Western Ontario. His interests include ancient Greek philosophy and science, metaphysics, and philosophy of religion.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

CSWIP at Trent University

4 pm to 5:45: Welcome Reception and Registration (Gzowski - 1st floor) (A buffet of light food and beverages is free for all. Enjoy our local fare!)
6 pm to 7:30: First session (Room: Gzowski 108). Chair: Cathy Maloney (University of Toronto)
            Karen Robertson (Trent University), “The Inconspicuous Consumption of Care: Heidegger, Hochschild and Affective Life”
            Erinn Gilson (University of North Florida), “Feminist Ethics of Food and Vulnerability”

8:30 am to 10 am: Welcome and Registration, light refreshments and beverages provided
9 am to 10:30: Second session (Room: Gzowski 108).  Chair: Kristin Rodier (University of Alberta)
Barrett Emerick (St. Mary's College of Maryland), “On Not Turning Away from Hurt”
Christine Esselmont (Queen's University), “A Taste for Blame?”

10:45 am to 12:15: Third session (Room: Gzowski 108).  Chair: Jane Dryden        (Mount Allison University).
Annaleigh E. Curtis   (University of Colorado, Boulder), “Implicit Bias, Moral Autonomy, and Deference”
Samantha Brennan (Western University) and Kristin Rodier (University of Alberta), “Fat Stigma and Implicit Bias in the Philosophy Classroom”

12:30 pm to 2 pm: Lunch for registered participants at Gzowski Dining Hall.  See student helpers at the Registration Desk if you need directions or assistance.

2:15 pm to 3:45 pm: Fourth session  (Room: Gzowski 108).  Chair: Christine Koggel (Carleton University).
Serena Parekh (Northeastern University), “The Ethics of Care and Global Responsibility for Refugees”
Jennifer Szende (Post-doctoral Fellow, CREUM, Université de Montréal), “Food Deserts, Justice, and the Distributive Paradigm”

3:45 pm to 4:15 pm, break in the “Red Light District,” first floor of Gzowski Hall

4:15 pm to 5:45 pm: Fifth session (Room: Gzowski 108).  Chair: Annaleigh E. Curtis        (University of Colorado, Boulder).
Meredith Schwartz and Khadija Coxon (Ryerson University, The Stop), “Helping the Hungry: Respect, Food Banks, and The Stop”
Lindsey Porter (Lancaster University), “Are Vegetarians Picky Eaters? (And Does it Matter?)”

6 pm to 7:45 pm: Dinner for registered participants at Gzowski Dining Hall.  See student helpers at the Registration Desk if you need directions or assistance.

8 pm: Keynote Address.      Room: Gzowski 115.  Note location change for Reception, at the Ceilie in Champlain College.

Food Insecurity:
Dieting as Ideology, as Oppression, and as Privilege
Tracy Isaacs
Professor, Departments of Philosophy / Women's Studies
and Feminist Research, Western University
All welcome!

Reception follows in the Ceilie, Champlain College.
Refreshments and cash bar available.

For assistance and directions, see the student helpers at the Registration Desk.

SATURDAY, OCT.26 -- 8:30 am to 10 am: Welcome and Registration, light refreshments and beverages provided
9 am to 10:30: Sixth session. Room: Gzowski 112. Chair: Serena Parekh (Northeastern University)
      Glenn Kuehn (UW-Marshfield/Wood County), “Cooking Transformations:  Discomforted Selves Cooking with Love”
Susan Dieleman (Dalhousie University), “Urban Homesteading, the Idyllic Farmer, and Stupid Knowing”

10:45 am to 12:15: Seventh session. Room: Gzowski 112.  Chair: Barrett Emerick (St. Mary’s College of Maryland)
      Katharina Paxman (University of Antwerp), “Hume and the Evolution of Appetite”
Letitia Meynell (Dalhousie University), “Engendering Animals”

12:30 pm to 2:15 pm: Lunch.  All are welcome at the Gzowski Dining Hall.  Those attending the CSWIP Annual General Meeting convene at the Alumni House, Champlain College.
2:30 to 4 pm: Eighth session. Room: Gzowski 108.  Chair: Samantha Brennan (Western University).
      Jacqueline M. Davies and "Lila" (Queen's University), “Recovering Agency and Ethical Well-Being in Discourses about Anorexia and its Treatment”
Samantha Copeland (Dalhousie University), “Desiring Discovery: the sagacity of serendipity”

4:15 to 5:45 pm: Final session. Room: Gzowski 112.  Chair: Karen Robertson (Trent University).
      Jane Dryden  (Mount Allison University), “The Joy of Asparagus: Incorporating the Other in Hegel”
Emily Douglas (University of Alberta), winner of the CSWIP 2013 Award for Outstanding Graduate Student Paper, “Eat or Be Eaten: Women as Food”


Thanks to the following organizations and donors for
making CSWIP 2013 possible!

*          Trent University, especially the Philosophy Department, Lady Eaton College, Gzowski College, Champlain College, Conferences and catering staff
*          Trent Philosophy Society, outreach coordinator Rob Childers, and student registration desk staff
*          The Kenneth Mark Drain Chair in Ethics Trust
*          The Drain and Patterson families
*          The CSWIP Graduate Award Committee: Cressida Heyes (chair), Alice MacLachlan, and Hasana Sharp
*          CSWIP Review Coordinator Cathy Maloney
*          And all our referees for their diligent, responsive, and speedy work to peer-review submissions to CSWIP.
*          Special thanks to Kathy Fife, Philosophy Department secretary, without whom nothing would be accomplished.