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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Trent professors rank high, outperformers!

The news broke before school started back up, so colleagues and students weren't all hip to the latest bulletin, which is that we are amazing.  Trent U faculty both out-perform other (and bigger!) universities and over-perform for our size.  In short, our professors and research impact are impressive! That's right, we're highly ranked in sciences and humanities according to HESA (that's the Higher Education Strategy Association). They report that our professors are exceptionally productive and widely cited researchers. Indeed, they voice surprise on every other page, which is gratifying, but I'm not as surprised as they were. See the full report, "Measuring Academic Research in Canada," here. [Launches a pdf]

Of course, I cannot resist suggesting that, given this clear and recognized strength, we would be crazy to squander our hard-earned reputation as outstandingly productive research scholars by teaching the same load year-round. I hear the wheels of the three-year-degree bandwagon rolling on, but why squander nationally reputed and hard-earned scholarship rankings to gain speed?

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