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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Course on Punishment in Canadian Society

Students who enjoyed discussing what little we covered on this in Moral Issues should be considering enrolling in this course!  It's not cross-listed in Philosophy but there is some philosophical content, in addition to valuable social and political information that you asked and that I could not give you:

CAST 4952Y: Punishment in Canadian Society
2012-13 FW

Course Description:

Punishment in Canadian Society will be an interdisciplinary examination of punishment under the law. It would be best suited as a senior level offering. The course will discuss multiple dimensions of punishment, but the key focus will be placed on incarceration. The course will be divided into three primary sections. These are the philosophy of punishment, the history of punishment, and contemporary socio-legal dimensions of punishment.

The class is intended to introduce students to the key philosophical debates surrounding the justifications for punishment in Western societies. The course will also introduce students to the key academic investigations of punishment that have uncovered particular dynamics of power and inequality in the practice of criminal justice. These will include discussions of gender (including discussions of masculinity), working class representation amongst prison populations, issues of race, and geo-political differences between national justice policies (comparing the UK, United States, and Canada). 

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