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Friday, April 13, 2012

Montreal, April 21-22: Status of Minorities in Philosophy UPDATED

Come join us!

Update: The program is now up, and look at those sessions! Note that Saturday begins with the incomparable Prof. Alexis Shotwell, followed by this new cat:

Samudhya Jayasekara (Trent University), presenting her paper, “Oppression and Epistemology: Do the Oppressed have Different Intellectual Virtues?”

If you think this sounds tremendously like the name of our own undergraduate philosophy major, you guessed correctly! That's a Trent student speaking after a prominent Canadian philosopher. 

My own session is the last one, which is kind of excellent, actually. I'm bringing my beloved data to my presentation, "We Know What Works: How to Improve Philosophy for Everyone."  Afterwards, I have to catch a train, but there's a roundtable workshop to wrap up all the big issues.

UPDATED to add their poster image; wow, these schools outdo me in excellence of poster:


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