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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Canadian Philosophical Association, May 27 to 30

It is an ongoing pleasure to be new in Canada.  First, I get to go to conferences I've never gone to in my life, including the Canadian Philosophical Association.  Second, no matter where it's held, the chances are that it's my first time there!  So this will be my first trek to Waterloo, because the annual meeting of the CPA will take place during the Congress of the Humanities 2012. Is it square of me that I rather like the sound of taking in a tour of the region?  And look at those opportunities to meet people who know things!  Sunday morning:
Tracy Isaacs' Moral Responsibility in Collective Contexts

O: A. MacLachlan (York)
O: A. Harbin (Dalhousie)
C. MacDonald (St Mary’s)
B. Lawson (Ind. Sch.)
A. MacLachlan (York)
A. Harbin (Dalhousie)
R: T. Isaacs (Western)

Plus: Meeting of department chairs in philosophy, a panel on the future of the profession, and the next morning kicks off with the Equity Committee. 

Friday, April 13, 2012

Montreal, April 21-22: Status of Minorities in Philosophy UPDATED

Come join us!

Update: The program is now up, and look at those sessions! Note that Saturday begins with the incomparable Prof. Alexis Shotwell, followed by this new cat:

Samudhya Jayasekara (Trent University), presenting her paper, “Oppression and Epistemology: Do the Oppressed have Different Intellectual Virtues?”

If you think this sounds tremendously like the name of our own undergraduate philosophy major, you guessed correctly! That's a Trent student speaking after a prominent Canadian philosopher. 

My own session is the last one, which is kind of excellent, actually. I'm bringing my beloved data to my presentation, "We Know What Works: How to Improve Philosophy for Everyone."  Afterwards, I have to catch a train, but there's a roundtable workshop to wrap up all the big issues.

UPDATED to add their poster image; wow, these schools outdo me in excellence of poster:


Monday, April 2, 2012

Next stop: Little Rock, Arkansas

April sees me on the road a couple of times.  Later in the month, I am invited to address the Concordia-McGill conference on the status of minorities in philosophy, but first, I speak here, University of Arkansas-Little Rock. Another really impressive poster!