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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New blog: Disabled Philosophers

The reason for this unusual new blog is nicely captured by the subtitle on its flag: "We exist." 

This is not a traditional blog.  One indication of this is the categories at the right– these allow you to search for disabled philosophers by disability or by area of philosophy. (For much more free-flowing discussion of disability and philosophy, you may want to check out What Sorts of People.)
I couldn't agree more!  What Sorts is really interesting as well. 

The two founders of Disabled Philosophers are also bloggers at Feminist Philosophers; one of them is Jenny Saul, this year's recipient of SWIP's "Distinguished Woman in Philosophy" award..  She'll be honored at the December meeting of the American Philosophical Association; if you are eager to fly to Washington, D.C. the day after Christmas, you're welcome to join the party.  (If you're not eager, come anyway.  Half the fun of APA meetings is the collective griping about our travel there.)

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